Get Involved

Sharing scouting with your son or daughter

Volunteer! All of our leaders (Scouters) are volunteer parents, none are professional. No one gets paid. Without parents, the troop cannot exist. We need adults at troop meetings, we need two-deep adult leadership at all troop activities, we need two-deep leadership for our week-long summer camp every July. We encourage new Boy Scout parents to become active volunteers in the troop as soon as possible.

More information on Troop 581, the Dublin Community Church sponsored unit for girls, click here.

Training is available for all Scouters, starting with FastStart Training and Youth Protection Training. Advanced training opportunities are offered by the Darby Creek District in the spring and fall (Blackfoot, Green Bar and Wood Badge), and is paid for by the troop.

What a parent of a new Scout can do: start out by becoming a troop committee person to help decide troop business, and/or become a merit badge counselor in fields where you have experience in and/or enjoy an area of interest as a hobby. Troop committee members also sit in on boards of review for Scout rank advancement. Volunteer to come on campouts, stay a day or more at summer camp, be a summer camp driver.