Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tight Elections Produce New Leaders

Troop 185 overcomes voting "irregularities", elects excellent new leaders

After several rounds of creative voting to break ties, Troop 185 has elected a new crop of patrol leaders, assistant senior patrol leaders and a new senior patrol leader.   It was a great to see so many scouts put themselves out there and run for a position.   EVERYONE did an excellent job making their campaign speech, describing their qualifications and vision for the troop.

Here are the new officers:

Senior Patrol Leader:                           Mikey Raabe

Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders:         Brendan Murphy
                                                             Zach Whetsone

Patrol Leaders:                                    Yuuki Demura
                                                             John Devantier
                                                             Collin Hippler
                                                             Ray Nakamura
                                                             Will Thompson
                                                             Tripp Whiting
                                                             Pete Zimmerman

Other news from Wednesday's meeting:

Mrs. Raabe turned in the final popcorn sales receipts and proceeds.   Troop 185 netted an amazing $4,100 - all of that money will be put into the scout accounts of scouts who sold popcorn.  Many many thanks to Mrs. Raabe for coordinating this year's popcorn sales.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Troop Elections

Wednesday, November 28th

Campaign 2012 - All in 90 minutes!

Troop 185 holds its annual election for patrol leaders, assistant senior patrol leaders and senior patrol  leader at our meeting on Wednesday, November 28th.

If you plan to run, get your campaign stump speech ready.  Why should you be elected?

Everyone should listen to the candidates closely and pick the scout you think will best serve the troop.

SUCCESS! Greenery Sales Raise $2000

Congrats to all Troop 185 scouts and scouters!  Our annual greenery sale met its goal of netting $2,000. Thanks to all who sold and all who bought.   The proceeds will go directly into our troop treasury and individual scout accounts to help pay for equipment and activities.

A special thank you to Andi Clark and Dana Kromer who coordinated this year's greenery sale.

Great Job!