Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tight Elections Produce New Leaders

Troop 185 overcomes voting "irregularities", elects excellent new leaders

After several rounds of creative voting to break ties, Troop 185 has elected a new crop of patrol leaders, assistant senior patrol leaders and a new senior patrol leader.   It was a great to see so many scouts put themselves out there and run for a position.   EVERYONE did an excellent job making their campaign speech, describing their qualifications and vision for the troop.

Here are the new officers:

Senior Patrol Leader:                           Mikey Raabe

Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders:         Brendan Murphy
                                                             Zach Whetsone

Patrol Leaders:                                    Yuuki Demura
                                                             John Devantier
                                                             Collin Hippler
                                                             Ray Nakamura
                                                             Will Thompson
                                                             Tripp Whiting
                                                             Pete Zimmerman

Other news from Wednesday's meeting:

Mrs. Raabe turned in the final popcorn sales receipts and proceeds.   Troop 185 netted an amazing $4,100 - all of that money will be put into the scout accounts of scouts who sold popcorn.  Many many thanks to Mrs. Raabe for coordinating this year's popcorn sales.