Scoutmaster - Darin McCauley
Mr. McCauley has served as scoutmaster since June, 2016. As a member of Dublin Community Church, he previously served as Chartered Org Rep, and has been with the troop since 2012.  Mr. McCauley is Blackfoot trained. 

Assistant Scoutmasters

Doug Lyle- Life to Eagle Coordinator
Jim Whetstone
Don Harrington
Bob Kahkonen- Equipment Coordinator
Danny Dixon- Chaplain
Deepak Warrier

Committee Officers 
Chartered Org. Rep:  Charles Hoy
Chair :  Cheryl Jacino
Treasurer:   Sonja Thornbloom
Advancement: Chuck Mosher/Cheryl Jacino
Membership: Debby Donavin-Gibbons
Secretary:  Martha McCauley
Friends of Scouting: Tom Kromer

Additional Committee Members:
Rick Crossland 
Kurt Novak
Jacki Raabe
Kevin Raabe
Sue Smith
Seth Warrier 
Jennie Whetstone